The Hollywood Winners Circle Academy (HWCA) is the only business school for actors in the world. HWCA is highly recommended by Talent Agents, Managers and Casting Directors. They prefer to work with Actors from HWC because they are better prepared.

Our innovative courses are designed to bring actors quickly to marketable status making them some of the most sought-after actors in the talent pool.

With weekly mentorship, unrivaled training and show business immersion, students find themselves advancing to agency signings, major roles in Television and Film and in Oscar and Emmy winning projects.

Training is given by the leading show business expert Wendy Alane Wright along with hundreds of top industry professionals, in the fields of acting mastery, marketing, mindset, social media, production, financing and publicity. Our teachers are experts in the entertainment industry with hundreds of years of combined experience.

The Hollywood Winners Circle Academy Master Course was designed for aspiring actors at the very beginning of their careers, to help save valuable time and money going into the industry. 

HWC Academy is a minority-owned, female run business located in Southern California with team members in the United States, Europe and Asia.

We accept students who are all genders, all races, all cultures, all beliefs, and all colors.

Wendy is a former Hollywood Talent Manager and the Founder of Hollywood Winners Circle Academy, the Industry Standard in Acting Business Training.

She coaches tens of thousands of actors around the world through her popular YouTube Channel “Secrets of A Hollywood Talent Manager” as well as her Facebook group Talent Managers For Actors. She is a writer for, is regularly a guest on Industry podcasts, Magazines and has appeared with Oprah Winfrey talking about the Law Of Attraction.

As a Talent Manager Wendy’s clients have worked on television networks such as ABC, NBC, TNT, CBS, Comedy Central, BIO, Lifetime, and more. They have booked TV shows including “Modern Family,” “Blackish,” “Extant,” “The Colony,” “Animal Kingdom,” “Sharp Objects” “My Haunted House,” and “Henry Danger,” as well as hundreds of commercials for major spots including Shutterfly, Mercedes, Visa, Taco Bell, Honda, Legos, Universal Studios, Hot Wheels, and many more.

Wendy has created a proven strategy for replicating that success and tours the world teaching her process at private acting studios and Universities. Today her successful strategy has converted hundreds of Coaching Clients into Network Series Regulars, Guest Stars, Co-Stars, Supporting and Lead Actors in Feature Films.

“An actor can build a successful acting career if they have the right information, talent, belief in themselves and the support and guidance of an experienced professional. I am extremely passionate about helping new actors get started in show business. So if you have the dream to be on the big screen… I am devoted to providing you the information necessary to make it happen!”


Casting Director Lisa Zambetti

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Wendy Alane Wright, Talent Manager

Working Actor Jason Stuart

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Partial List of Who We Work With...


Amy Lord

Cari Kenny

Jake O’Flaherty

Robin Nassif

Alicia Beekman

Angie Seger Jones


Peter Yanke

Jackie Lewis

Tabitha Kit

Kristina Fristoe

Todd Eskin

Sueanne Edan Pereira Steinacker

Suzanne Turner Massingill

Sara Preisler

Sueanne Edan Pereira Steinacker


Mara Santino

Brian Medavoy

Nancy Scanlon

Heather Roy

Maxx Maulion

Brandon Adam

Britani Golden

Susan Ferris

Corey Ralston

Ron Smith

Mitch Clem

Versa Manos

Gina Marie Birnbaum

Sean Pharms


Matt Ilczuk

Liz Fuller

David Rosenblatt


Katt Arcos

Tammy Evans Wallace

Jill Mansfield

Michelle Glisson Pullam


Casting Directors

Lisa Zambetti

Msaada Nia

Melissa Skoff

Lisa London

Joey Paul Jensen

Jane Jenkins

Ally Bader

Amanda Richards

Robert B Martin Jr.

Ramani Leah

Paul Weber

Kimberly Graham

Craig Campobasso

John Frank Levey

Russel Boast

Bruce Newberg

Lindsay Chag

Mark Teschner

Lori Wyman

Isabella Hibbs

Micheline Blais

Terry Berland

Danielle Eskinazi

Jordan Bass

Kara Sullivan

Danielle Eskinazi

Jordan Bass


John Posey

James Ciccone

Mark Atteberry

Kevin Scott Allen

Lance E. Nichols

Reno Wilson

Rod Rowland

Sean Berube

Rebekah Kennedy

Jason Louder

Lindsay Haun

Maggie Mayfield

Kenzo Lee

Tony Robinette

Jason Stuart

William Stanford Davis

Onye Eme-Akwari

Holly Gagnier

Alex Collins

Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs

Corbin Bleu

Sasha Clements

Bret Shuford

Julia Farino

Robert Palmer Watkins

Keith David

Dan Warner

Gloria Garayua

Kurt Yue

Angela Michelle Davis

Katy O’Brien

Christine Horn

Dee Wallace

Erik Liberman

Teeshay Shah

Derek Russo

Jim Doughtery

Kellen Boyle

John Alton

William Charlton

Dan Lauria

Debbie Hirata

Joel De La Fuente

Shawn Christian

Tabetha McNeal

Gabby Fresquez

Kevin Brief

Eric Roberts

Jim Parrack

Gabel Fonseca

Jodie Bentley

Jordan Woods Robinson

Tom Todoroff

Jerry Kernion

Jake O’Flaherty

Tom Todoroff

Jerry Kernion


Gil Junger

Scott Essman

Chuck Williams

Rob Margolies

Giovannie Espiritu

Marc Cartwright

Brandon Arroyo

Giovannie Espiritu

Marc Cartwright

HWC Instructors

Wendy Alane Wright, Talent Manager

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Casting Director Lisa Zambetti

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Working Actor Jason Stuart

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Sales Strategist & Actor Dennis Marburger

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Working Actor Rebekah Kennedy

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Talent Agent Sean Perez

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Director Gil Junger (DGA)

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Casting Director Lisa London

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Working Actor & Coach Jordan Woods-Robinson

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Working Actor & Coach Rod Rowland

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Working Actor James Ciccone

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Working Actor & coach Judy Kain

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Casting Director Isabella Hibbs

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Talent Agent Amy Lord

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Casting Director Melissa Skoff

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Working Actor William Stanford Davis

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Working Actress Alyssa Gabrielle

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Talent Agent Kathy Campbell

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Casting Director Lindsay Chag

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Social Media Expert Heidi Dean

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Director and Writer Scott Essman

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Casting Director Kara Sullivan

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Voice Over Actor B.Z. Cullins

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Actor/Producer Jason Louder

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Meisner Expert Jessica Houde Morris

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JOHN RUBY, Working Actor, Coach



Joey Paul Jensen, Casting Director

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Chris Lang, Dialect Coach

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Mike Pointer, Leading Commercial Coach


Paula Fairbrother, Working Actor, Coach

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Tony Robinette, Working Actor

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Derek Russo, Working Actor


Kevin Scott Allen, Working Actor

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Joseph Callari, Working Actor

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Jim Dougherty, Working Actor

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Talent Agent, Shauntiel Lindsey

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Working Actor, Kenzo Lee

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Talent Manager, Nancy Scanlon

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Working Actor and Coach, Jake O’Flaherty

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Talent Manager, Heather Roy

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Working Voice-Over Actor, Tabetha McNeal

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Producer, Director, Casting Director, Coach, Rob Margolies

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Wendy Lea Branchfield, EFT

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Sarah Michelle, Subconscious Mindset Coach

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Ramani Leah, Casting Director

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John Posey, Actor, Coach

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Tom Todoroff, Acting Coach

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Natasha Ward, Casting Director

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Tom Todoroff, Acting Coach

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