HWC Charities

You’ve heard Wendy talk about a few of her philanthropic projects: World Vision and Smile Train. If you’re interested in joining her on her mission to help those in need, visit the links below. Take action today!


There are 50 million people worldwide on the brink of starvation, and half of those are children.

World Vision is tackling poverty at its roots with an integrated approach that includes water, healthcare, education, child protection, and income generation, so every child can grow into who God created them to be.

HWC Sponsors dozens of children, families and communities in 11 different countries.
If you would like to help children and families, trapped in starvation, please visit this link to sponsor a child, or simply donate. https://www.worldvision.org/sponsor-a-child


Smile Train has supported safe and quality cleft care for 1.5+ million children – more than every other charity combined. And they won’t stop until every child in need with a cleft has access to the care they deserve.

Cleft surgery is not just cosmetic, it can be life-threatening. Without treatment, children with clefts may struggle to breathe properly, often become severely malnourished due to trouble eating, and many face long-term psychological trauma as a result of relentless bullying.

A baby with a cleft is born every 3 minutes.

You can make a difference here:https://donate.smiletrain.org/givetoday


As a leader in the microfinance movement for over 30 years, FINCA developed a solution to the lack of access to finance for marginalized communities.

FINCA believes that the solution to poverty requires using the market to provide a hand up instead of a handout.

By providing Micro-financing FINCA is able to provide people the capital and life-changing products and services they need to raise their standard of living.

Helping people build business is creates lasting global change.

If you would like to get involved with FINCA visit this link:https://finca.org/why-finca/