What the industry is saying
What agent & managers are saying

“It is so frustrating to me when an actor comes to me unprepared. The time I spend explaining the business of the business is time I could be working. I expect my clients to be fully prepared with tools in place so I can do my job. HWC Academy is great preparation for an actor who’s serious about their career.”

– Amy Lord

Talent Agent

“I spend a lot of time explaining to actors how the business works. If they all would take the HWC course I could save so much time. Wendy lays it all out for actors so they can excel!”

-Robin Nassif

Talent Agent

I see a lot of actors who need proper guidance and the Hollywood Winners Circle is the perfect guide they need to prepare proper tools and steps to have their package be ready for agents and managers.

– Oliver Carnay

Talent Manager

“I recommend Wendy’s Hollywood Winners Circle to get you on track. It’s everything you need to know to get started as a professional actor and more.

– Nancy Scanlon

Talent Manager

“Talent Manager here from Kreativ Artists Management. I recommend this course because it’s simply too much for me to bring an actor into the reality of the business. Learn all of this before you contact a manager or agent. If you’re new to the business or debating getting into it, check it out.

When actors come to me with misinformation about this business it creates a huge waste of time and energy….setting people straight after bad information has set in. This is something we are constantly battling. That’s why I highly recommend The Hollywood Winners Circle online course for actors. It will get you professionally prepared for representation.”


Talent Manager

“Wendy won’t steer you wrong and seriously if you want to succeed listen to what she has to say!”

– Lisa Fifita

Talent Manager

“I love the Hollywood Winners Circle! I think almost 1/3 of our clients have it and it definitely shows!!”

– Sara Preisler

Talent Agent

“The Hollywood Winners Circle should be the required rulebook for everyone in the industry to follow.”

– Todd Eskin

Talent Agent

“Actors who take the Hollywood Winners Circle online course are better prepared for a career in show business.

– Talia Sperandino

Talent Agent

“I recommend HWC to every actor who wants to become more competitive.

– Jackie Lewis

Talent Agent

“The Hollywood Winners Circle Academy is a premier learning program I wish every new actor would undertake even before seeking professional representation and those with professional representation would utilize to fine tune and advance their competitive edge in an ever shifting industry.”
– Lynda Arnold

Talent Agent

What casting directors are saying

“Hollywood Winners Circle Academy” is a gold mine! Wendy has created the strongest and the best way to expedite your acting career. There is no better created path that will instill the knowledge needed to ascend in this business and gain success. There is no time for mistakes in this business and no matter what, you will make them. You can avoid many of them though by aligning yourself, your passion, and your commitment to an academy that is perfectly designed to navigate all you  need to know. Wendy is incredible. She is a one-of-kind! She has taken all her experiences and time to put together something people dream that they could have access to. She has done that and makes it available
to actors who need this. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!”

– joey paul jensen

Casting Director

“The Hollywood Winners Circle Master Course For Actors is an incredibly valuable tool. As a veteran Casting Director and Acting Coach, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to not only present stellar auditions, but to convincingly look like a professional actor in “the room” and on tape. I’ve conducted thousands of auditions in my own office, and in producer’s sessions, as well as many network tests.  You must look like a professional.  In your appearance, your demeanor, and of course, in your performance.  Wendy’s guidance will show you the way to successfully present yourself. Training is your key to success.  Agents and managers are searching for the next great actor, someone who will become a star, or become a highly regarded working actor.  Wendy can show you how to accomplish that and so much more I highly recommend the Hollywood Actors Winners Circle Master Class and all that Wendy can offer you!”

– Melissa Skoff

Casting Director

With the Hollywood Winners Circle actors can do something active every day for their career.

– Carol GOldwasser

Casting Director

“You need to do what Wendy is teaching you.”

– lori wyman

Casting Director

“One of the first things and actor should do in moving to LA is get the Hollywood Winners Circle. Wendy won’t steer you wrong and seriously if you want to succeed listen to what she has to say!”
– Micheline Blais

Casting Director

“Hollywood Winners Circle is very valuable for actors. This organization is fiercely concerned with actors getting the right information. All classes are given by working professionals. From my experience as a guest, there is a great feeling of camaraderie and positive support. When I meet a talent in this organization I know they have been exposed to learning from the right industry people.”

– Terry Berland

Casting Director

“The online Hollywood Winners Circle Academy is an invaluable resource for actors.  It provides vital industry information, resources, and referrals for aspiring talent.  Founder Wendy Alane Wright uniquely champions artists. Her philosophies, insights, and encouragement, are awe-inspiring!”

– Lindsay Chag

Casting Director

What actors are saying

“I couldn’t be more grateful for Wendy Alane Wright’s Hollywood Winners Circle. I actually wished I had purchased it sooner.

I love how the course breaks down different parts to help you have smart industry standard materials. I understand what it means to have the correct headshots, resumes, social media links, etc. There are so many resources for actors on this site!

TODAY I got an email from the director informing me that I booked the LEAD role in his upcoming FEATURE film, which will be available on Amazon Prime. This is my very first feature!
Thank you, Wendy Alane Wright for creating HWC. It’s seriously life changing. ♥️”

– Gina Cordan


“It’s like having an ace in your pocket. I have seen many new actors that have no idea what to do or where to go.
Wendy’s Hollywood Winner’s Circle Academy puts you ahead of that and sets you on a path for success. It’s thousands of dollars worth of material at a deal of a price. Wendy literally is giving away valuable information.

The Hollywood Winners Circle keeps me going in the right direction!

I am so excited to announce, I now have representation by the wonderful Lora Huntington at Classic Talent Agency. I have so much to say, but will say thank you Wendy Alane Wright and the HWC for the guidance, motivation, and support.” 

– Stephen C. Bell

“Just. Wow! Where do I even begin? Talk about the actors bible! Not a single actor in the industry can afford to go without the contents of the Hollywood Winner’s Circle Academy. Not one! The best money I have ever spent for online acting material.”

– Kevin Useni


“The Hollywood Winners Circle Academy is a godsend for actors and I firmly believe it should be a mandatory part of standard, textbook acting training! I studied acting in college and learned nothing about how to get working in this industry. This fills a huge gap! Thank you, Wendy!!!! For pioneering this roadmap for actors! Every actor needs this!”

– Mary Beth Synk


“Wendy Alane Wright is the #1 acting career coach. She knows exactly what actors need to do to start a successful acting career in tv and film. Her Youtube videos, Winners Circle online course, in-person consultations and ABC’s of Show Business classes are the most powerful tools for aspiring actors in the industry.

-Heidi Dean

Actor Social Media Expert

“”Just booked a part in a SAG feature film (Netflix) that starts production June 2020. I’m so excited. 😍
(With no representation)
Additionally, auditioning for a feature film and a TV Pilot this week. Wish me luck people.
The stars are aligning ⭐️ 🌟
I’d also like to Thank Wendy Alane Wright and James J. Ciccone for their guidance and all they do for us newbies.
Got a commercial agent @ Innovative Artists!! Woopwoop”

– Maria Zarkadas-Rizzuto


“Ive never felt more confident with what I need to do! “



“The Hollywood Winners circle is exactly what I need to feel more in control and confident moving forward in my career.

– Paula Carras


“I joined the Winners Circle because I got tired of trying to figure this stuff out on my own. I’ve been to Film school, and believe me, they don’t teach you any of the business aspect. I’ve learned so much from Wendy and The HWC in one month! This is show BUSINESS! You have to spend money to make money, but make sure you spend your money on the things that will help take your career to the next level. The Hollywood Winners Circle is that thing. Thank you so much Wendy!”

– Jasmine Mensah


“So blessed to have found Wendy and The Hollywood Winners Circle. HWC gives you a step by step guide to set yourself up for success in this business. I know have a saved years of trial and error with the help of this course. If you are serious and want to be efficient and effective as you build on your acting career, get this course! The money and time you will save trying to figure it all out on your own is invaluable!

– Breaunna Lake


I joined Hollywood Winner Circle so I could learn the right way how to compete with the best of the best in the major markets. I was doing everything wrong at first. With the help of Wendy and the course I learned how to properly format my resume. I learned how to bill credits properly, I understand how important it is to have a good headshot and with Wendy’s references I now have a session scheduled with one of the best photographers in LA from her list of recommendations. I learned how to social media market, and self submit and audition secrets.WOW! Its amazing.I have 200+ pages of pdf I can reference and more than 60 videos. The Hollywood Winners Circle was worth every dime. If you have someone willing to help you don’t sleep on it! With all this useful information price to me wasn’t a factor. The course has specials very often so it’s really beneficial. Wendy provides No Scams just truths and she’s always there for you!! I love this course and most importantly I love you Wendy. I look at you as a role model for how selfless one can be and still have generosity and a mentor for the serious actor!

– Chalo’n Christi’anna


” I joined the Hollywood Winners Circle because Wendy keeps it 100! When I listed to one of her weekly Friday Q&A’s, the information she shared was so straightforward and too the point. She was real. And that’s hard to find in this business. Everybody wants to sell you fluff and misinformation. The step-by-step guided information breaks through the chaos and sets you on the right path to success. Most importantly Wendy truly cares about her actors and their journey to success. It’s her calling. HWC is already a Godsend for me and I’m so overwhelmed with joy to be a part of this awesome family. Let’s all get golden tattoos! I look forward to the journey together.”

– Michael Alexander Cross


“I am LOVING IT! I’ve never felt so on track before and having a step-by-step guide from real pros takes SO MUCH of the pressure off! 😅 I think the most surprising thing is that SO many actors fail to fix what they think are minor details and in reality, those “small things” that they fail to fix get their resumes thrown in the trash in a split second. I feel like for the first time in all of my years of aspiring to become an Actor, I actually have the proper tools, self-discipline, and wherewithal to dive into the industry with REAL expectations and knowledge.

– Ronnie Harris


“As a working actor who has appeared in tv some 40 times and booked network tv without an agent, I am assuring you that you can save the 5 years I waisted trying to figure out the correct path to the gatekeepers that will let you in the door. 

You cannot book studio films or network tv without “knowing how”. It’s that simple. You need to know the path. It doesn’t and will not fall out of the sky. Check out Wendy’s Winners Circle and get on the fast track. Time is your most precious asset.



“The Hollywood Winner’s Circle has absolutely helped me with my marketing package and materials. After years of trying to figure out things on my own…I finally booked my first network role after implementing some of the things I have learned so far in the course. Cant wait to see where it takes me from here 😁

Update 2: When you are on set filming your first network tv guest star role and another actor is also in the HWC..we are chatting about how awesome Wendy Alane Wright is.

Update: 3 Network roles now since joining HWC in March! Thanks Wendy!”

– Amber Dawn Fox


“Wendy Alane Wright, I just wanted to write this small post to show my appreciation, gratitude, and sincerely thank you for the dedication and in-depth knowledge you’ve shared here at the Hollywood Winners Circle. Since joining this group and following your lesson plan, I’ve not only signed with a wonderful agency here in Atlanta but also booked a GUEST STAR role in an upcoming pilot, all thanks to your thorough knowledge and effective strategies. Your work has had such a positive impact on my career, and I finally feel that I’m breaking out of this stagnating phase – moving forward into the next phase of my career. So thank you once again Wendy for your invaluable guidance and mentorship, keep on soaring my friend! #VictoryAtLast

– Michael Mickey Anderson


“I love the blunt honesty with how information is delivered in the Hollywood Winners Circle course. You can’t say you don’t understand because it is laid out step-by-step. I just started this process in August and with all the info I got at this one-stop-shopping aka Hollywood Winner’s Circle platform is worth the investment and saved me so much time…Time that I learned I need so I can continue to learn to act.
Oh! I almost forgot the best part! This just in folks!!! I just signed with an agent because my package (my brand) was put together like she said and I was ready when an unexpected opportunity dropped in my lap!!!
My advice is to act like you own stock in nike and just do it! #investment “

– Jennifer Polson


“Joining the Hollywood Winners Circle was the best decision I could have ever made for my career. It provides you with step by step instructions on how to navigate the business. This program is the only one like it and I highly recommend it!

– Vanessa Lehman


“Hollywood Winners Circle is a must for new or current actors! Honest, upfront, no frills answers and attitude. Wendy’s motivation has moved me into new directions with my acting career. You can’t put a price on what HWC has done for me. First class!!

I took the lead to be part of the Hollywood Winners Circle so I can reach what I have always dreamed of pursuing. So if you have the same dream, don’t wait any longer, do it for yourself and not for anyone else. Educating yourself is the best thing, join the Hollywood Winners Circle. You will be happy that you did. I did it!

– Lisa VanAmburg


“I joined The Hollywood Winners Circle because I knew exactly what I wanted in my acting career but absolutely no idea how to navigate achieving it. The course has been a complete game changer and step-by-step I am creating a package I feel confident in.

I am so grateful to Wendy for putting together all the tools and information needed to navigate this business and achieve your goals. I will be recommending this course to all of my actor friends- the information is truly indispensable. Thank you Wendy!”

– Shannon Haley


“I joined the Hollywood Winners Circle because I am a beginner and need guidance on where to start. I looked at the outline of the HWC and knew it would be the right path to help guide me through the process of becoming a talented and knowledgeable actress.

Thank you to Wendy and everyone else who put together this amazing program to help us all out! It means a lot to know people want to help others achieve their goals and dreams. I truly appreciate it. “



“I joined the Winner’s Circle mainly because of WENDY, period. After watching dozens of her videos, “”ghosting”” the TM4A group, and learning, learning, learning + being enlightened… I was convinced that she was both genuine AND knowledgeable.

After 20+ years of being “”out of the game”” of performance, I’m returning, and… there was NO ONE like Wendy out there when *I* was in school.

But, thanks to this group… some wonderful folks I’ve met and asked questions of (who’ve GRACIOUSLY given their time to answer)… Wendy’s Winner’s Circle documents and videos… I feel a *LOT* less lost, and a bit more on track… even if the journey seems as though it’ll be years and years and more.”

– Matthew Carauddo


“I joined in Winner Circle mostly because I needed to know the acting career strategy to follow. It has tons of information in it and I highly recommend it to every actor. Especially it’s very helpful for beginners

– Archil Gugberidze


“For me, the Hollywood Winners Circle was about guidance. I’d spent years as a therapist helping to support and guide others. I knew if I wanted to succeed in the entertainment business I would need those factors too. Thankfully, Wendy and the HWC were there to fill in those exact roles. This is definitely something I’d happily recommend to others.”

– Matt Jezierski


“The guidance I will continue to receive through your online course for actors Hollywood Winners Circle will ensure that these concepts are implemented consistently over the course of what will be an amazing career–thanks to you.

Thank you for doing more for me in 90 minutes than I did for myself in over 18 months of self-study.

– Christian Gill


“Hey Wendy, I am loving the Hollywood Winners Circle! The key point I picked up was to create a body of work even while I am not in LA on the ground hustling to land a role. I have enrolled myself into local improv theatre here, found myself a private on camera acting coach, as per your advise! I am going to keep training and add layer/depth to my resume until I land in LA (asap). Thank you for creating such helpful content! Cheers.

– Wasim Azeez


“When actors are feeling lost on where to start and want to get to know what they should be doing they should get the Hollywood Winners Circle. I feel like I have more clarity on the things I need to do.

~I am working through the Hollywood Winners Circle and I really like it. I felt pretty lost before the course and now I feel like I have a step-by-step plan I can follow. Thank you so much for this course!

– Eva Müller


“Hi Wendy! Thank you for all of the wonderful, helpful information you give. You have helped so many of us navigate this industry. I want you to know how appreciated it is. You have encouraged a ton of us and taught us valuable lessons. I am so grateful.

– Sara Windhorn


“Wendy you’ve been very influential in keeping my attitude positive and believing that I can follow my dreams. As well as giving me help to go about it in the correct way. Your honesty and sincerity comes through in all you do and I can tell that you are truly doing all of this to help inexperienced actors get their crap together, get out there, and guide their own success.

– Genevieve Boss


“I just joined the Hollywood Winners Circle and I’m learning a ton of information as a newbie to acting!!! Thanks for creating it, it’s exactly what I was hoping to find

– Keith Dwayne McGregory


“I love the Hollywood Winners Circle! I have been able to accomplish more in just four months than I have ever have when I was doing it on my own without your guidance. I cannot thank you enough for what you do for people like me.

– Kaylee Amante


“I love the Hollywood Winners Circle course. It is a great resource for all actors in all levels.

– Kim Bazan


“I just finished the HWC and I am so grateful to have this resource available for the rest of my career! It doesn’t matter if you’re a completely newbie or a veteran, there is information in the HWC for all actors at each step of their career. It’s like having Wendy as your Google Maps/Waze specialist for each turn you need to take! We now have the resource to be proactive in this business!!

– Shani Renee Hamilton


“I got the HWC the moment it went online. I didn’t hesitate and neither should you.

1. It is so much fun.

2. You won’t feel lost and you know exactly what steps to take.

3. Should you still have questions about the industry you can post them in the facebook group and your question will be answered.

Wendy I’ve worked through a lot of the Hollywood Winners Circle Material. I am getting things done steady and everyday a little bit more. Thank you for the support and love.

– Selsela Ashraty


“Wendy Alane Wright has the best course I’ve ever seen for preparing todays actors to succeed in this business! I happen to be just one of the supporters who donate their time to her students. If you’re serious about getting into the business, do yourselves a favor and sign up for her course.

Wendy Alane Wright has the best course I’ve ever seen for preparing todays actors to succeed in this business! I happen to be just one of the supporters who donate their time to her students. If you’re serious about getting into the business, do yourselves a favor and sign up for her course.

I absolutely recommend the Hollywood Winners Circle course for new actors.

– Michael Jai White


“Joining the HWC is honestly the best decision I’ve made for my career. I moved to LA very recently and without the lifesaving advices of Wendy, I would be completely lost in this scary business. It can be quite overwhelming at first when you’re a starting actor because there’s so many technical aspects of the business that you just don’t know unless you have a contact in the industry, and there’s no better contact to have than Wendy. Not only the HWC is essential to success, but all of Wendy Alane Wright’s books too are a valuable source of information that I study religiously, I even used her advice to decide were to live in la and when to move! If that’s not valuable information I don’t know what is.

– Louis Leroux  


“1. Perfect guide to help you along the way of getting into the industry.

2. Wendy and her group have thought of everything and all questions that get asked, and have answered them.

3. It’s the best set of tools to get where you want to go!

– Alexander Bates


“I’ve just spent a year in serious full-time study of the acting business. I’ve ostracized many friends and acquaintances to keep my nose in books and my butt in classes. I joined the Winner Circle yesterday and in four hours saw everything I’ve learned over a year and more! Time savers are game changers and the Winners Circle is both.

I am on fire about this program and can’t wait to dive into the next five levels.

This is the true 101 in the sense that this information is absolutely essential.

– K A Cortland Haaf


I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of the Winners Inner Circle and have the opportunity to learn from Wendy Alane Wright, one of the most respected top Hollywood career coaches. She shows so much love for the actors, is genuine and kind. Her guidance and powerful training is unparalleled! #hwc #hollywoodwinnerscircle

– Ana A Prickett Braunstein


I’m so thankful for the Hollywood Winner Circle! It has helped me grow so much as an actor and an individual, it has everything you can think of to prepare you for this industry. From building your resume, finding representation, social media, headshots and so much more! Wendy is very honest and shares all her tips and tricks! Even if you are a seasoned actor you can gain so much valuable information about the business! The Hollywood Winners Circle really has changed the game!

– Caitlyn Stephenson


“Since starting the Hollywood Winner’s Circle, my package was immediately more marketable and I have been contacted by a Heller award winning manager. Heller award means they work hard for their people! You sill wondering if it works? Wendy Alane Wright thank you! I will be your spokesperson for this amazing course!

I am telling you all, if you have the abilty to take the Hollywood Winners Circle show business course and you don’t, don’t complain about your career ever again! I have done so much to progress my career in just one week of having this course.

I’ve been a little quiet lately because even though I have been cast in a movie, and I have been in class every week, I have been feeling a little stagnant. I keep plugging and trusting the process though. Then today I was requested by a CD to skip the audition and go straight to the call back for a commercial. Gotta say that feels pretty awesome when a CD can trust me like that. I am grateful and honored! HWC!!

– Shane Costa


“I’m on level 3 of “The Winners Circle”. One of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Hello most talented beings. Wendy Alane Wright has an absolutely amazing sale going on for The Hollywood Winners Circle right now. I can’t recommend this program enough. It’s all on line so you can take your time and complete it in the comfort of your own home. What she will teach you is absolute gold. It will save you tons of time and accelerate your career. I so wish I’d found out about it earlier.

Even better you will get to join us in the uber supportive private Facebook group where you can get assistance ASAP on your package.

I please kindly ask for no DM’s regarding this post. Please post any questions or comments below so that others can gain info regarding this amazing course.

– Bryn Berg


“Your Hollywood Winners Circle has been so much help for me. It starts from the basics and continues all the way till the end, so it’s perfect for all levels of actors. The course gives an insight into LA, how everything works, what to expect, even where to live. I am moving to Los Angeles here soon and it’s because of your Hollywood Winners Circle course that I feel confident and prepared.

Living in Kansas where the entertainment industry isn’t as prevalent makes it hard to know what to do and what not to do. Rather than having to throw myself into a crazy city, I am able to realistically prepare myself because of the Hollywood Winners Circle. Thank you Wendy!

– Kaylin Mally


Glad I got mine!!! The Hollywood Winners Circle definitely worth the price of admission!!!

I am more than grateful for the Hollywood Winners Circle course. Being a good actor is not all it takes to becoming a successful actor in this BUSINESS. There are road maps to get to almost any destination, and this course is by far the most comprehensive map out there. I also took advantage of the consultation option Wendy Alane Wright offers. She is a straight shooter with no chaser!! But it’s because she cares too much for our success, to give you fluff. My suggestion is to get the course and take advantage of the consult options. And that’s all I got to say about that.

– Ryan Adriel


“Actors – no matter where you are in the world – I can’t say enough good things about Wendy Alane Wright, her heart, her knowledge and what I learned from her regarding the business side of the biz. I highly – emphatically – recommend you get her Hollywood Winners Circle online course! The online course you can always refer back to which is a super bonus.

– Paula Fairbrother


Been shooting a film, lead role, 14 hours a day, for the last several days and I am so excited and amped for this project. I have some down time before heading back to set so I am going to watch some more training videos on the Hollywood Winners Circle site! I always look forward to watching these videos almost like unwrapping presents at christmas! This is the best. #blessed

This is a no brainer.. please pick this up if you have not already!

– Aaron Wilson


“After working a few jobs and putting some money aside I was happy to be able to purchase this program. It is not only informative but it is fun to watch. Thank you Wendy Alane Wright and the rest of the team for creating I look forward to working with all of you one day. Here is my new resume. Thank you!

– Annalia Fraser


“Hollywood Winners Circle is an amazing course! I’m working through the program piece-by-piece. Right now, I’m working through level 2 getting my marketing materials tight. Actors absolutely need to get it. ASAP. If they want the blueprint to success in the business, they need to get the course! 

– Delante Desouza


Just wrapped my Hollywood Winners Circle! I thought I knew about this industry and how it worked but man was I wrong lol thank you to Wendy Alane Wright for creating this program with this great information. And I’ll be sure to give you a big hug when we cross paths in the future. Much love!

– Jimmy Vibert


“Wendy, I must say that HWC is amazing. To be frank, I was afraid of opening it. However, I finally opened it and almost finished the level 1… I was like omg this is what I have been looking for. Answers to all questions that were killing me are just there!!! Thank you for this amazing source!!!

– Murodilla Fatkhullaev


“The HWC is an awesome course. I’ve just joined up and already have learned so much. I’m at the place in my career where I really needed to step up my game with my headshots and package to get to the next step past commercials, indie shorts and features. I have been getting away with marginal headshots and submitting clips from all over the place instead of a pro reel for way too long.

– Dulcinea Cirelli


“My mom joined for me because she is always trying to find ways to help me succeed and was getting so many mixed messages about how to do it. We came across Wendy’s YouTube videos and then looked her up on Facebook and learned about the program. It was clear she knows her stuff and was not just about making money, but about REALLY helping actors be their best! We saved up and got the course. It is awesome! Thank you Wendy! “

– Amber Leanne


The HWC covers a ton of questions new actors have. Everything is in one place. It can save a new actor hundreds, if not thousands of hours in research.

– Jenn Marshall


“I joined the Hollywood Winner’s Circle because I didn’t want to continue fumbling my way through the business. I wanted a one-stop shop with answers from a reputable professional. Time is of the essence. Guidance, a check list and a support group. Great investment.

– Banza Townsend Tracey


“I joined the Hollywood Winners Circle because I thought I was doing everything right. What I realized is I was holding myself back due to lack of knowledge. Sure, I would book paid work for Indies and reenactments but I wanted to be taken as a serious actor. My goal is to become a series regular on any network. With the knowledge I received from the HWC courses, I was able to cleaned up my resume, I got new headshots and I’m working on acting clips that will showcase my character type. Wendy Alane Wright is there with you step by step. Signing up for the Hollywood Winners Circle is the best decision I ever made. Worth every dime. Kicking myself in the fanny that I didn’t do it sooner!

Hollywood Winners Circle is the key to success!!

– Shelia Wofford


“I moved to L.A. a year ago and began my acting career six months ago. I joined the HWC about 2 months ago “”officially”” BUT watched, listened and put together bits and pieces of my package while secretly watching today bits of advice Wendy Alane Wright was giving out on her YouTube page and TMFA Facebook page. Within the 1st month of signing up, given that I was seemingly ahead from the bits and pieces I picked up on, I gained an Agent and a Manager within the 1st month! All because my package was professionally put together and illustrated that I was serious about my craft and my brand! Thanks Wendy!!!

Last week, my Manager selected a few of her clients (Yours truly was included) AND it was only those of us, who she noticed were doing EXTREMELY well marketing ourselves.

Well… one of our assignments was to ask 10 strangers, which characters did they see us as, so that we could focus on those types to Market to Casting Directors. I’m sooooo thankful that I utilized the HWC Public Type #winning”

– Ken Gregory


“As an Atlanta based actor, I joined The Hollywood Winners Circle for an LA centered knowledge base of industry standards and a roadmap. As someone who teaches startup entrepreneurs, always seek out well qualified mentors and find a group of “”winners”” who will be your guidepost and support system. I have already fixed my resume and online profiles.

– Andrew Kaplan


“The Hollywood Winners Circle have me a solid strategy to follow. Since joining I have had a lead role in a short and just got three audition request from projects on backstage.com. The Hollywood Winners Circle is the way to plan, attack and infiltrate a way into showbiz. You MUST follow the instructions and strategies as doctrine. I feel blessed and unstoppable with The Hollywood Winners Circle.

– Sean Brent Swingler


“I love HWC I had the good fortune to see a video of Wendy years ago and her way of being honest, direct but very professional I liked her a lot, and I saw them all, the passion she has for helping those of us who want to venture into this world and how she demystification of it with logical and very coherent arguments of someone who knows for own experience what is talking about hooked my up, added to his human quality in such a competitive and tough environment are qualities very hard to find, exceptional very rare and invaluable combination… for me she is unique and the HWC too.

– Yelitza Garcia


Before taking the Hollywood Winners Circle course I was less structured and all over the map. I had less belief I could ever really be successful at this. I would sometimes talk myself out of taking it too seriously, even after joining Sag-Aftra! HWC includes a game plan for the big picture, with step-by-step instructions. I wish I’d had the HWC program in 2003 the 1st time I moved to Los Angeles, or better yet before I moved there!

– Jean Tuite


BEFORE I GOT THE HOLLYWOOD WINNERS CIRCLE I felt overwhelmed by something I thought was almost impossible but I knew I had to pursue. Now I feel unstuck. I have a mighty plan. I feel like I already won a battle before it even started.

– Jasmine Bamou


“I joined the Hollywood Winners Circle because I wanted to learn this industry the right way, become a better actor and get the proper training. I also wanted to get everything in order to make myself more promotable.

– Dale A Niehaus


“Joining the Hollywood Winners Circle was a no brainer. I didn’t want to spend the next 5-10 years piecing together information from different sources, and just hoping it was right. The HWC solves that problem and provides an easy to follow step-by-step guide that makes this complex and nuanced business manageable.

– Blake Moore


“I joined the Hollywood Winner’s Circle to help me focus and gather the tools to step up my game in order to achieve the highest level. I love Wendy’s positivity and attitude, you can tell that she genuinely loves what she does and wants to help. The community is so inspiring and supportive. Investing in HWC is investing in the future I want.

– Bekah Jung


“My daughter asked me to buy the Hollywood Winners Circle for her for Christmas. She is 15 and has been acting for 5yrs. She has a commercial agent and needs to get theatrical representation. She knew that taking this course would help her get to that next level.

– Stephanie Lynn


“If you haven’t gotten the Hollywood Winner’s Circle course yet, please do so. There is a tremendous amount of information that’s packed in there.”



“I bought HWC after watching Wendy’s Videos on YouTube and getting great advice from Talent Managers for Actors Facebook. I needed to learn the business side of the industry so I can help my 16 year old son be successful. It’s way more than auditioning and landing the role. It’s about creating the whole package and with Hollywood Winners Circle, we are well on our way. Rocco has signed with a Talent Manager and we are relocating to Los Angeles in September. Thank you Wendy Alane Wright for your continued support as we navigate this ever evolving industry!

– Lori Roberts


“As a parent to a 5 year old in the business, my advice to other moms and dads is to do the Hollywood Winners Circle online course because you have the content in a structured & organized outline forever. It is a game changer.

– Melissa McPhee Morrison


“This week has been an amazing week for my daughter. She had ‘opening night’ for her theatrical debut, a booking for a film in LA, and a callback for a commercial.

Yesterday we decided to use her paycheck (background work) to purchase the HWC. We have finished watching Level 1 and now starting Level 2 videos and I am amazed at how this course is packaged. It’s simple, step-by-step, comprehensive, and easy to follow.

My reason for telling you this is… Everything Alizé has been working hard for and all the information in the business has been piecemealed by us over the years. THIS COURSE will STREAMLINE that process for you. Even though we completed a lot of the steps prior to HWC, this course will cross the t’s and dot the i’s. We now KNOW we still have a lot to fix for Alizé’s package.

I suggest you skip the traffic. Unless you’re in LA of course😂That’s unavoidable. See you guys soon!!”

– Alize Lee


“I signed my daughter up for HWC due to lots of frustration. I will sadly admit I am one of those parents who has spent thousands on scams. (Show cases, photoshoots, etc.)Watching and listening to Wendy just feels like the right thing to do. Wendy, so appreciative that you offer your knowledge and guidance in such a genuine way. My daughter’s dreams just might become a reality!

I signed up not even a month ago and have already recommended HWC to several people.”

– Shirley Bakker


“I absolutely love it! It might be the best decision I’ve ever made! An actual step by step course to this seem to impossible career, I am so glad to be apart of the HWC!!! I see great things.”

– Ryan Keller


“Even at top tier acting schools they don’t teach you what Wendy teaches you at HWC. They don’t teach you the business, or how to brand or market yourself.”


Acting Coach