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Do you want to be a working actor?

Are you just starting out? Have you been at it awhile but still feel confused? No problem.
I am the # 1 acting career coach in the world and I am going to help you.

Do you need to get a Talent Agent or Manager? Do you want to work on Television and in Feature Films? Be a Series Regular? Work with some of your favorite actors?

You can.

And it’s easy… if you know what you are doing.

How would it feel to book a film or network show, show up on set, shoot your part and then watch yourself on TV or at the movie theater? How would your feel about yourself? How would it feel to be recognized by people wherever you go? I have been a Talent Agent and Talent Manager for over 10 years and I have coached thousands of actors around the world. I can help YOU get on TV and on the big screen. 

You are probably trying to figure out:

  • What acting classes should I take?
  • How do I get into commercials?
  • How do I create a professional resume?
  • What is my type?
  • How do I choose a good headshot photographer?
  • How can I get great headshots that get me auditions?
  • How do I get agent?
  • Do I need a manager?
  • How can I get even more auditions?
  • What do I do in a callback?
  • How do I book the job?
  • How can I meet and impress casting directors?
  • How do build relationships with casting directors, producers and directors?
  • How can I stand out in auditions and be memorable?
  • When should I join SAG-AFTRA?

Believe me, I understand.

Every new actor has to figure all of this out.

It can be overwhelming and so much conflicting information out there. Well relax. You do not have to figure it out by yourself. Not anymore. (That’s the hard way and the long way.) 

I have the answers and I have created the online school Hollywood Winners Circle Academy to walk you step-by-step through everything you need to know to become a Working Actor In TV and Film. What I teach is based on the years of success I have had as a Talent Agent and Talent Manager in Hollywood. 

My clients have appeared on television networks such as ABC, NBC, TNT, CBS, Comedy Central, BIO, SyFy, BET, HBO, Lifetime, and more.
They have booked TV shows including:
They have booked TV shows including:
And hundreds of commercials such as:
  • Modern Family
  • The Colony
  • Henry Danger
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Just Add Magic
  • Sharp Objects
  • My Haunted House
  • Little Big Shots
  • Walk The Prank
  • Late Night with James Cordon
  • Black-ish
  • Extant
  • American Horror Story
  • The Night Shift
  • Scream
  • MacGyver
  • Being Mary Jane
And hundreds of commercials such as:
  • Nickleodeon
  • Shutterfly
  • Justice
  • Foot Locker
  • Right Guard
  • Visa
  • Taco Bell
  • Disney
  • Honda
  • Legos
  • Hot Wheels
  • Mercedes
  • Little Tykes
  • Universal Studios
  • Homegoods
  • Walmart
  • Target
You do not need to struggle and try to piece the information together off the internet anymore.

If you want to make massive progress in your acting career, all you have to do is take the HWC Master Course and you can have results.

No BS. No Kidding. It works.

Here is what actors who have taken the HWC course are saying. 

Gina Cordan
Hollywood Winners Circle Academy Student

I just wanted to personally share my fantastic experience with the Hollywood Winners Circle Academy. I signed up for HWC Master Course and have had access to the course for a little over a year. What I’m about to share is NOT meant to be boastful by any means. I humbly acknowledge as a new actor, I have a LOT of work to do. Thanks to the HWC course, I know exactly what I need to work on.

I’ve pursued acting for a total of 3.5 years now. In the first 2 years (before HWC) I was constantly being misguided on how to get started as an actor. For example, I was told it was appropriate to list background work on a resume as long as you typed the word “featured” on it. Frustrated, I kept trying to figure everything out on my own. My first headshot was a modeling headshot. I actually made the horrible mistake of adding it to AA and never got a single audition. Now I know why..  I’ve received more opportunities than before. I took a chance and purchased the HWC and it’s changed everything for me. It was a dream roadmap. A compass that I desperately needed as a new actor to navigate in this crazy industry.

Since purchasing the HWC in Oct. 2018 and changing my materials from the course recommendations, I have BOOKED the following:

  • 1 Lead role in a feature film
  • 1 Guest star role on Network TV 
  • 1 Commercial with a great speaking role
  • 2 Short films
  • 2 Industrials
  • 3 Print shoots

In addition to the bookings: I got new headshots, recorded a video game VO demo with an award-winning VO producer, created a website, business cards, postcards, one sheets, and thank you cards according to the HWC recommendations…within a year! I’ve had more audition opportunities with some dream CDs in this one year alone than I did in my first two years without HWC. 

Stephen C Bell
Hollywood Winners Circle Academy Student

I decided to pursue the crazy dream I have always had of acting for film and tv. I had previous stage acting, but had always wanted more, but didn’t think it was possible for me. Anyways, one BAD depression later and it kicked started me to get up off the couch. I started searching Google and YouTube for “How to become an actor”. My search led me to Wendy Alane Wright.

I watched this on fire and passionate lady and was brought to tears b/c she was saying HELL YES, it’s always possible. Anyway, that was the fire I needed. So I set out to learn as much as I could, but could never quite figure out the business side of acting. Where do I look, where do I begin? So much to learn.

Then I learned about the Hollywood Winners Circle Academy. I saved up for 2 months and bought it ASAP. It has EVERYTHING you NEED!!! All my questions were answered. I followed them.

Fast forward,I booked my first Lead role in an Indie Feature film. That led me to booking a Supporting role in another Feature Film. Then I booked:

  • My first Guest Star role on a Network show!
  • 2 weeks from that, I landed an amazing Agent.
  • From there, I booked another Guest Star role on Television!

I am getting so many auditions, some for major roles. I continue to grow every day and still have so much to learn. I love that I can always log in to my HWC and double check or refresh.
Bottom line, I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today at the pace I have gotten here, without Wendy and the Hollywood Winners Circle.
Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️

Stephen C Bell
Hollywood Winners Circle Academy Student
Cha’lon Christi’anna
Hollywood Winners Circle Academy Student

I joined Hollywood Winner Circle so I could learn the right way how to compete with the best of the best in the major markets. I was doing everything wrong at first.

With the help of Wendy and the HWC Master course I learned how to properly format my resume. I learned how to bill credits properly, I understand how important it is to have a good headshot and with Wendy’s references I now have a session scheduled with one of the best photographers in LA from her list of recommendations.

I learned how to social media market, and self submit and audition secrets.

WOW! Its amazing.

I have 200+ pages of pdfs I can reference and more than 60 videos.

The Hollywood Winners Circle was worth every dime. If you have someone willing to help you don’t sleep on it!  Wendy provides No Scams just truths and she’s always there for you!!

I love this course and most importantly I love you Wendy. I look at you as a role model for how selfless one can be and still have generosity and a mentor for the serious actor!

Gerry Z Dragun
Hollywood Winners Circle Academy Student

By entrusting Wendy Alane Wright and her amazing Hollywood Winners Circle course it only took one (1) week after completing the course, having a solid professional package, to partner with a new SAG Agent. Great things are about to happen! — celebrating success.

Gerry Z Dragun
Hollywood Winners Circle Academy Student
Amber Dawn Fox
Hollywood Winners Circle Academy Student

Before Hollywood Winners Circle Academy, I had an okay acting career going. I had landed a featured role on a huge TV series and was getting cast in several indies (even lead roles in feature films!). Then I hit a plateau.

For 5 years I tried, and failed, to get auditions for Network TV. I could not figure out why I was having so much trouble with this “next step”.  I tool the Hollywood Winners Circle Master Course and I immediately started taking action starting with the first section. As I went through each step, I learned I was doing some things right, but other things I was doing differently than what she taught.

So, I CHANGED WHAT I WAS DOING to match her advice. Some things were small like a few resume format changes, others were bigger – I had been taking headshots WRONG for 5 years?!. But I put trust in the program, and in Wendy, and haven’t looked back since.

Just 2 months later I had landed my first network audition…and I BOOKED it! Over the last 9 months since joining, I am happy and extremely grateful, to be able to say that I have booked and filmed:

  • 2 Guest Star roles for Oxygen Network
  • A Co-Star role for TV One
  • A Guest Star role for Investigation Discovery 

I also have signed with a Talent Manager and have had at least 2-3 bookings per month since May!

I even get huge network and film auditions. I am so booked and busy, in fact, that I am still not finished going through everything in the course (it is THAT jam packed with info!). The awesome thing is, that it will be there for me when I can dig back in … and if it brought me this far, I can only imagine how far I will go when I take even more action on it!  Thank you Wendy!!!

This can be you.
Or this time next year you can still be on your couch dreaming about being an actor…

I would rather you be on set DOING IT.

The choice is yours.

What are you going to do?

If nothing changes in your approach… nothing will change in your results.

The Hollywood Winners Circle Academy is the solution to your problem and it’s all you need.

If you are READY to work in TV and Film…

I will help you learn what to do to get there.  


Master Course

$ 395 One Time Payment
  • 232 Page Workbook
  • 6 Months FREE Access to Group Mentoring Facebook Group ($120 value)
  • Lifetime Access
  • Bonus: FREE copy of Top 10 Secrets of a Hollywood Talent Manager

Master Course Payment Plan

$ 82.50 6 Monthly Payments
  • 232 Page Workbook
  • 6 Months FREE Access to Group Mentoring Facebook Group ($120 value)
  • Lifetime Access

As a Talent Agent and Manager, I have seen so many actors fail in this business – you have no idea. It’s not a joke most actors fail unless they have guidance. People send lousy cover letters, terrible headshots and bad acting reels. Or worse, no acting clips/reels at all. How can anyone tell if your acting is good if you don’t even show them a clip/reel of your acting? Makes no sense, right? 

Honestly, most clips/reels are horrible anyways. I can say that from 30+ years in the business that 95% of submissions Agents, Managers and Casting directors toss MOST submissions in the trash. Don’t let that happen to you.

The HWC Academy can teach you what makes industry people WANT to work with you. There is so much competition in this business. To make it you have to learn what makes you STAND OUT. You have to become marketable and I can help you do that. I know how. Acting schools and college theater programs do not teach you what you need to know. 

The key to success in this business is to have an OUTSTANDING PACKAGE. A package is your headshots, resume, acting clips, online profiles, website, auditions skills and training. A great package makes people believe in you and give you opportunities. The Hollywood Winners Circle Academy will teach you how to create a great package so you can easily convince agents and managers to sign you, casting directors to audition you and producers to hire you. Without a great package…you are going NOWHERE. And that is where most actors go…nowhere. Because they have no guidance, they have no plan and they don’t know what they are doing. Sound like you? Let’s change that.

Take the Hollywood Winers Circle Master Course now because the longer you wait, the longer it will take until you are a working on set acting and you, your family and friends can watch you on the big screen. Stop wasting your time. Become a Working Actor and get paid for your work. 

It’s time for YOU to believe in yourself and give yourself permission to be successful.
When You Take the HWC Course You Will Also Learn
    • You will learn what is in a talent agency contract.
    • How to build your industry contacts
    • How to get exposure!
    • How to write a great cover letter to agents and managers
    • How to use Social Media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram to meet casting directors.
    • How to self-tape for auditions
    • How to create promo materials: One sheets, post cards, email signatures

    • You will get a list of the best headshots photographers across the USA

    • You will also become part of an exclusive FB online community called the Winners Inner Circle for actors taking the course.

    • I do 2 LIVE webinars in the Winners Inner Circle Facebook group every month where you can ask me any question you have!

    • The HWC course will keep you on track and continually moving forward in your career.

    • Lifetime access to the course.

    • Discounts & special offers toward live events with Wendy Alane Wright
Join our thriving community

Master Course

$ 395 One Time Payment
  • 232 Page Workbook
  • 6 Months FREE Access to Group Mentoring Facebook Group ($120 value)
  • Lifetime Access
  • Bonus: FREE copy of Top 10 Secrets of a Hollywood Talent Manager

Master Course Payment Plan

$ 82.50 6 Monthly Payments
  • 232 Page Workbook
  • 6 Months FREE Access to Group Mentoring Facebook Group ($120 value)
  • Lifetime Access
Chris Evangelou

Hollywood Winners Circle Academy Student

“Wendy Alane Wright, You have broken the myths of how to make it in this tough industry. Your advice has guided every decision I’ve made in my acting career.

From my Headshots, to creating my original film “SHADOW BOXER”, networking, my decision to pursue my Visa for LA. Everything you have said I have taken it for gospel.

That is the facts.

If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be up there on the big screen in the cinemas right now. 

You are a gift to all of us actors. I am not just saying that, I mean that, you’re a blessing. I tell everyone in the industry to follow you and listen to your advice.

Booked a Supporting Role in The Feature Film “The Gentlemen” with Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell, Hugh Grant, Charlie Hunnman directed by Guy Ritchie.”

Kendra L. Franklin

Hollywood Winners Circle Academy Student

I booked my first Amazon Prime Original Series Role!
Austin Janowsky

Hollywood Winners Circle Academy Student

The Hollywood Winners Circle Master Course showed me a process to succeed by starting from the beginning. The HWC Course takes you step-by-step, building the foundation and creating a mindset that in order to be professional you have to think professionally, to conduct yourself professionally and have professional tools to do that.

HWC is the toolbox I needed to help me build my foundation: headshot, resume, reel, clips to get better representation.

After doing the HWC Master course I signed with Pelican Point Media as my Manager, KTA (Southeast Agent) and Benz (Florida Theatrical Agent). All of this in turn helped me get more opportunities.

From there, HWC gave me insight and skills to audition better. Which got me more callbacks and ultimately more bookings.

Since taking HWC Master Course I have booked:

  • Home Depot Commercial
  • Supporting Role in the Feature film “Elfette Saves Christmas”
  • Supporting Role in “45 Seconds” a Netflix film

It was cool seeing Elfette come out at Target and Walmart for Christmas season 😉 The best part about HWC is if you feel something slipping or your sliding a little, you just take a few steps back and redo them again. That’s what has worked for me.

I can’t recommend HWC enough.”

Tony D. Head

I saw an interview with Wendy Alane Wright on YouTube. I had just returned to New York City after being away for a long time. I had no agent and no manager.

Wendy and I talked about how the business has changed in the last 10-15 years (digital now, new types of materials etc).

Shortly after Wendy and I spoke I BOOKED:

  • An Off-Broadway play,
  • Shot two pilots,
  • Two web series,
  • Numerous films including “The Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix and some Commercials as well.

I’m signed with a Manager now and Agent for Legit Abrams Artists Agency and DDO agency for Commercials.

Wendy is absolutely wonderful and puts a lot of her time in to trying to help actors get going. If you follow her advice you can’t go wrong. Just my experience….just saying.”  

Believe me
when I tell you…

I’ve been in the entertainment industry since 1990, and I’ve seen it again and again:

Actors leave their hometowns go to LA or NY and pour their heart and soul into “making it” in Show Business. They put in the work—learning their craft, doing theater, auditioning, trying to become the best they can possibly be. They spend the money for professional training and headshots. They get a few auditions!… and then, nothing.

No TV work. No Feature Films. No Agents.

It’s heartbreaking after all that work, it breaks my heart. It happens to so many actors. What’s worse, they have no idea why they aren’t getting anywhere. 

Over 25,000 new actors flock to Hollywood every year trying to “make it” and sadly most of them go home after 2-3 years. Why? Because they don’t know what to do.

Beginning actors tend to make so many mistakes that waste time and money and create zero impact. They get discouraged, depressed and tired. They also run out of money. I get it. I’ve seen it for years. I have spoken to thousands of actors. Years into acting careers and still…no Agent, no Network TV and no Feature Films. Just extra work, student films, short films and webseries.

I can stop that from happening to you. I can get you on the RIGHT track.

Becoming a working actor is not magic. It’s a process. You just have to do what works. But first – you have to KNOW what works…right?

As a former Talent Manager, I know what works and what doesn’t. I have gotten my clients ages 5-75 on network television, and mainstream films. I want YOU to be successful. I want you to fulfill your purpose and achieve your dreams. That is the only reason I created the Hollywood Winners Circle Academy. TO HELP YOU.

I can’t meet with every person who wants to be an actor. I can’t have a Skype consultation with 10,000 actors. I don’t have the time. But if you want to learn what I know and get guidance from a REAL TALENT Manager (before you are even ready to have one) just take the course. It works for anyone, anywhere in the world.

HWC Academy has everything you need is in ONE place. It’s a simple Step-By-Step Acting business plan that anyone can follow… IF THEY HAVE IT. 65 Training videos, PDFs, Quizzes, Checklists. It’s amazing! OnlineTechnology has changed the game for actors.

My course is based on PROVEN process I’ve used over and over again to get my clients working in TV and Film. You can just copy what I did and become a working actor. From scratch…without connections, without family in the industry…

I can’t tell you how many calls, letters and emails I have gotten from people literally crying saying I have changed their lives. I have them posted all over my office. It motivates me to keep doing this. Helping actors succeed has made my life so beautiful and given me purpose. And I am so grateful for the opportunity to help you. 

Stop guessing and take your career to the NEXT level

Master Course

$ 395 One Time Payment
  • 232 Page Workbook
  • 6 Months FREE Access to Group Mentoring Facebook Group ($120 value)
  • Lifetime Access
  • Bonus: FREE copy of Top 10 Secrets of a Hollywood Talent Manager

Master Course Payment Plan

$ 82.50 6 Monthly Payments
  • 232 Page Workbook
  • 6 Months FREE Access to Group Mentoring Facebook Group ($120 value)
  • Lifetime Access
Celebrities, Working Actors, Agents and Managers recommend HWC too!
“I absolutely recommend this course. it's essential for any actor ready to get serious about their career.”
Michael Jai White
Working Actor
“When actors come to me with misinformation about this business it creates a huge waste of time and energy....setting people straight after bad information has set in. This is something we are constantly battling. That’s why I highly recommend The Hollywood Winners Circle Academy for actors. It will get you professionally prepared for representation.”
Brent Paxton
Talent Managers, Kreativ Artists, Los Angeles
"I prefer to work with actors who have taken the HWC Master Course. They are more prepared."
Gina Marie Birnbaum
Talent Manager, Top 10 Talent, Los Angeles
"I see lot of actors who need proper guidance and the Hollywood Winners Circle is the perfect guide they need to prepare proper tools and steps to have their package be ready for agents and managers."
Oliver Carnay
International Artists PR & Talent Management
"Wendy Alane Wright is the #1 acting career coach. She knows exactly what actors needs to do to start a successful acting career in TV and film. Her Youtube videos, Winners Circle online course, in-person consultations and ABC's of Show Business classes are the most powerful tools for aspiring actors in the industry."
Heidi Dean
The Industry's Top Social Media Expert for Actors
"I recommend HWC to every actor who wants to become more competitive."
Jackie Lewis
Talent Agent, LB Talent, Los Angeles
"With the Hollywood Winners Circle you are ahead of the game. It would take years and so much money to learn this information the 'hard way'."
Cathy Reinking
Casting Director, CSA
"I recommend Wendy's Hollywood Winners Circle to get you on track. It's everything you need to know to get started as a professional actor and more."
Nancy Scanlon
Talent Manager, Au Courant, Los Angeles
"Take in all Wendy's advice in the Hollywood Winners Circle and apply it. She knows her stuff and will save you a ton of time and money."
Lisa Fifita
Owner Nesian Management
"The Hollywood Winners Circle should be the required rulebook for everyone in the industry to follow."
Todd Eskin
Across the Board Talent, Los Angeles
"The Hollywood Winners Circle is one of those resources I wish I had 10 years ago. I would have saved years in the wrong direction. It’s the best advice for building an acting career out there. As a working actor who has appeared in TV some 40 times and booked network TV without an agent, I am assuring you that you can save the 5 years I wasted trying to figure out the correct path to the gatekeepers that will let you in the door. You cannot book studio films or network tv without “knowing how”. It’s that simple. You need to know the path. It doesn’t and will not fall out of the sky. Check out Wendy’s Hollywood Winners Circle and get on the fast track. TIME is your most precious asset."
“I highly recommend The Hollywood Winners Circle Academy for actors starting out, for those struggling, for those who don't have a strong package or for those who need to understand how the business works. If I had it before it would have saved me some heartache, time and money. This is a good investment in yourself.”
"I am taking the Hollywood Winners Circle course!! I finally got a headshot that reflects the type of roles I'm called in for. Within a month or 2 of getting this photo, I booked an CO-Star role as an investigator on TV! Everything is starting to make sense now."

There is a reason all of these people are telling you to take the HWC course…. BECAUSE IT WORKS! If you want to be an actor the fastest way possible HWC is how you do it.

Stop guessing and take your career to the NEXT level

Master Course

$ 395 One Time Payment
  • 232 Page Workbook
  • 6 Months FREE Access to Group Mentoring Facebook Group ($120 value)
  • Lifetime Access
  • Bonus: FREE copy of Top 10 Secrets of a Hollywood Talent Manager

Master Course Payment Plan

$ 82.50 6 Monthly Payments
  • 232 Page Workbook
  • 6 Months FREE Access to Group Mentoring Facebook Group ($120 value)
  • Lifetime Access

When you join The Hollywood Winners Circle you will become part of a family of serious actors who will support your goals, encourage you and believe in you.

Everyone needs support to succeed.

Often as actors we don’t get that from our own family and friends!

The Hollywood Winners Circle will keep you on track, motivated, inspired and moving forward at a rapid pace. 

Come get the love and support you need from ME… and the entire HWC community.

You DESERVE success.

See You On The Red Carpet!
Wendy Alane Wright