How to Get Noticed As An Actor

Wendy Alane Wright

Wendy Alane Wright

Hey, I’m Wendy Alane Wright, the Hollywood talent manager, I’m the president of WAW entertainment in Los Angeles. My company represents actors, models, singers, for TV, film commercials, print ads. And I just love helping actors. So that’s why I do all these videos. I’ve written a lot of books to help actors and I have a website where I coach people and stuff like that. 

So if you don’t know me, that’s who I am. 

Now, the reason I am talking to you today is that I’ve been getting a lot of submissions. And something I’ve noticed as a theme, which is really, really, really annoying and bad and wrong, it doesn’t work for actors is when you submit to an agent or manager or you’re going to an audition and you leave your headshot and then casting or me or an agent goes online to look up more about you. And we can’t find you online. We can’t find you online

How Do I Get Seen As An Actor?

So let me give you some things you can do right now to up your game. And you can take action on it immediately. 

So first, go to your Facebook page and create an album titled headshots. That way when anyone clicks on your page and goes to your Facebook page, we can see your headshots, which is what we want to see.

And I guess now there’s a new thing on Facebook where you could select five favorite photos to be permanently on your page. Make sure a couple of them are your headshots if you’re an actor, set stills, and behind the scenes footage, stuff like that. 

Number two, your footage. I just got a submission for a comedian, right? I went to look at her Facebook page. There are no footage, no videos of her doing her stand up routine. I’m thinking you’re a comedian. I’m on your Facebook page. Where’s your stand up routine? 

I go to YouTube. I type in her name. It comes up with some sketch comedy thing she did, but not her stand up. But I can see on her Facebook page that there are some pictures of her doing stand up at different clubs all over the place. But where’s the routine? 

How do I know if you’re funny? Come on. And it made me think ah, let’s use our brains here.

Treat Your Acting Career Like a Business

A lot of people are new. And this is a new business. And so you’re not thinking of this in terms of a business. You’re just an artist, you’re being creative, blah, blah, blah. And I honor that. But as a business, what we need to see are the hard callbacks, what can you do? 

Show me that you can do it. Make sure it’s professional. And let me get right to it. 

Your demo reel on your Facebook page, upload your video. If your comedian uploads your video, if I go into YouTube and type in your name, I better find your demo reel, some acting clips, footage from some of your projects, I gotta find you if I can’t find you. You don’t exist. Right?

And what’s all that training that you just did, all that money is spent on film school and your bachelor’s degree and all that acting classes if nobody can find you. I think you understand what I’m saying. 

Now, let’s go to your IMDB page. Is your video reel up on IMDB? If some of you said, Yes, good job. If you’re new, and you’re not on top of all these things, this is gonna make it really difficult for people to find you and give you jobs and give you auditions.

The Key To Getting Noticed As An Actor ​

There’s a saying called success is opportunity meets preparation. 

It’s that simple. If you’re prepared at the moment, the opportunity comes your way you might get the job and be successful. On actors access and La casting, make sure you have acting clips on your profiles and your demo reel. 

And if you speak a foreign language or if you have special skills, make sure you upload a video of that. It is not enough to say I’m an actor. I actually need to see your acting work to see if it’s any good. 

It’s not enough to say I speak French. Let me see the video of you speaking French. You play classical piano. Let me see the video of you playing classical piano. Does that make sense? 

You’ve got to prove that you can do what you say you can do. Everybody wants to be an actor in Hollywood. Everybody wants to be a star. Everybody wants to be on TV. 

But if you really want to be an actor, you have to prove that you’re good. I love you actors. Keep working hard in your career. And you can make great things happen. Okay, believe in yourself. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Stay focused on your goals. Don’t compare yourself to others. just trusting yourself. Trust what you’re doing and stay on top of it. Just keep going. You got this


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