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Wendy, I just wanted to tell you thank you. I took the HWC PARENT course in two days and went through the entire guidebook.  I spent more than 3 hours updating my daughter’s resume on all her casting sites and in the individual formats for each of her agencies based off your advice. It could be a coincidence, but she got two big audition requests come in not long after I finished the updates. 
Thank you for providing much needed input to help me help her agents succeed.
With much appreciation,

Jennifer Walsh (mom to 11-year-old actress Annalise Bergen)

I highly recommend the HWC Parent Course! It helped me out tremendously as a mom to a kid/now teen actor – I learned a lot!

Daphne Salazar-Cook

This is for anyone “on the fence” about learning from Wendy…. DO IT NOW!!! Its worth every single penny and then some! Let me assure you that Wendy has solid advice no matter where you are on your journey in the world of acting. We are not total “newbies” but nonetheless had hit some bumps and needed sound advice and clear direction. Wendy provided all that and more. Your session will clear your doubts as Wendy will tell it like it is and give you a solid game plan with tasks to execute and habits to develop that will renew your mission and fill you with positivity. This is a fantastic way to get management advice prior to being in a place where you need a manager full time. We will be back for more guidance as things develop. Wendy, thanks for providing this service. You are a gem!
Mom Jennifer and Xochitl
Wendy, Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge and educating us further. You’re willingness to be candid has given Gabby, not only food for thought, but also courage. I now better understood how to evaluate a manager’s performance and my expectations. The knowledge has given us more confidence. To other actors: I suggest whatever means available to learn from Wendy. It’s better to have the information needed to be prepared for this industry. You’ll second guess yourself less and save time and money. On a personal note, we enjoyed your openness and overall sense of positivity. It’s refreshing and exactly what we needed.”
Gabrielle and Elise Fisher
Wendy, we are so blessed to be able to tap into your wisdom and insight. We now have a priority list for our plan of action. It is obvious that you genuinely care about nurturing actors – for that we are grateful.
Lisa and Alicen Abler | Kentucky
Wendy I just discovered you today and just wanted to say I am thoroughly enjoying your videos. I so appreciate you honesty and frank communication. You truly are a blessing to a novice trying to figure out this whole thing for three children. You truly take the fear out of the most of the process. You give so freely, which is rare today…you are a breath of fresh air!
Robin Davis
Hello Wendy, Thank you so much for helping me with my daughter, Destiny. You answered all my questions and gave me some insight on what to be expecting. Your information really spells out EVERYTHING. Thanks to you, we came up with a great plan to ensure Destiny succeeds in her career. I have already recommended you to others. I look forward to sharing all her accomplishments. Thanks again.

Pamela Wallace

Hi Wendy, I wanted to quickly update you on My daughter’s progress. Thanks to your knowledge, we feel much more educated on the whole process! You’ll see that many of your recommendations have been implemented below…) Accomplished over the past 7 weeks… * On-Camera Intensive with three new reel clips: *Dramatic Scene Study | Dramatic Scene Study #2 | Monologue * Coogan Account – set up! * Entertainment Work Permit – all paperwork filed * LA Casting Profile – check! * Actors Access Profile – check! * Backstage Profile – check! * Website Established – check! – * Pro Headshots – appointment set with Alex Kruk for photos and makeup  (2 looks – commercial and “tomboy tough but tender” is what we’re thinking. * Clips from prior performances uploaded to YouTube channel – check!
Parent, Jill Lillenstein

An absolute ‘non-negotiable’ must for any parent!! No stone unturned and this course literally covers everything you need to not only help you get started but also gives you the confidence you need to be comfortable in the industry! The best❤️🙌🏽❤️

Claudine Dau

“Hello Wendy, Your advice, sense of humor, and honesty was a complete homerun for me as a parent of a child actor who is simply trying to navigate the waters and learn more about the acting world as we continue our journey. As I mentioned to you, I am a big fan, (also can read as “stalker” ) of every bit of information that I can siphon off of your website, and FaceBook page. I am thrilled that I signed up to learn from you. I was looking for guidance in 2 general areas. First, I wanted to improve my daughter Quincy’s resume and on-line presence by making sure we are highlighting the correct things, and removing the not-so great things; second, I really needed a push in the right direction to validate my gut feelings, learn to trust those gut feelings, and make changes in our course of direction that will best serve Quincy in the short term and long term. Guess what, I learned all of that, and I now have vastly more information. Wendy, your knowledge was a real eye -opener! You confirmed many things that I was having the bad juju feelings about, and you defined the steps to start making those corrections, and move forward. I feel like SUPERWOMAN! Let’s get this train back on the rails and moving on down the track! (whoo hoo..insert train noise here). I urge all parents of kid actors, to learn from you. The wealth of information that you share is priceless. I now have a step by step map that we can follow. You have a positive and logical method of providing feedback and information in a way that I could understand, and then put right to use. I can’t speak highly enough of my time spent with you. But don’t take my word for it, take Quincy’s 12 year old word for it, “This is the best thing my mom has ever done.” There you have it, out of the mouth of a tween. Thanks again, Wendy, your forever fan,
Parent Kenna Saadeh

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