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“It is so frustrating to me when an actor comes to me unprepared. The time I spend explaining the business of the business is time I could be working. I expect my clients to be fully prepared with tools in place so I can do my job. HWC Academy is great preparation for an actor who’s serious about their career.”
Amy Lord
Talent Agent
“I spend a lot of time explaining to actors how the business works. If they all would take the HWC course I could save so much time. Wendy lays it all out for actors so they can excel!”
Robin Nassif
Talent Agent
“The online Hollywood Winners Circle Academy is an invaluable resource for actors. It provides vital industry information, resources, and referrals for aspiring talent. Founder Wendy Alane Wright uniquely champions artists. Her philosophies, insights, and encouragement, are awe-inspiring!”
Lindsay Chag
Casting Director
“Hollywood Winners Circle is very valuable for actors. This organization is fiercely concerned with actors getting the right information. All classes are given by working professionals. From my experience as a guest, there is a great feeling of camaraderie and positive support. When I meet a talent in this organization I know they have been exposed to learning from the right industry people.”
Terry Berland
Casting Director
“The Hollywood Winners Circle Academy is a godsend for actors and I firmly believe it should be a mandatory part of standard, textbook acting training! I studied acting in college and learned nothing about how to get working in this industry. This fills a huge gap! Thank you, Wendy!!!! For pioneering this roadmap for actors! Every actor needs this!”
Mary Beth Synk
“It’s like having an ace in your pocket. I have seen many new actors that have no idea what to do or where to go. Wendy’s Hollywood Winner’s Circle Academy puts you ahead of that and sets you on a path for success. It’s thousands of dollars worth of material at a deal of a price. Wendy literally is giving away valuable information. The Hollywood Winners Circle keeps me going in the right direction!"
Stephen C. Bell