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41 Years Old. Never Acted. Unemployed IT Engineer. When I first got to LA in September 2019, the FIRST thing I did was sit down with Wendy Alane Wright. Almost 100 resume credits later, I have a total of 4 Agents, a manager, a reel, and am SAG-Eligible. Almost 75% of that is a DIRECT result of Wendy & HWC. Remember, I started from ZERO just 3 years ago! I say all of this to say, it’s ALL due to my super hard working team (Dangerfield Talent and @JL David Talent) and Wendy Alane Wright and the Hollywood Winners Circle!! What Wendy teaches and preaches WORKS!!

June 9, 2018 I got paid $100 for my very first feature film speaking role.

June 7, 2022 I cashed a $10,000 check from my Commercial agent.


Working Actor, Booked 12+ National Commercials

“A great resource is Hollywood Winners Circle with Wendy Alane Wright. Wendy is a Hollywood Talent Manager and now one of the leading [acting] career coaches in the world! She can guide you to where you need to be spending your time, energy, and money to further your career. Wendy has the answers! Not only does she shape your career, but she is one of the nicest, most nurturing humans on the planet BECAUSE SHE ACTUALLY CARES.”


Working Actor, 400+ Commercials

“Hollywood Winners Circle Academy is very valuable for actors. This organization is fiercely concerned with actors getting the right information. All classes are given by working professionals. From my experience as a guest, there is a great feeling of camaraderie and positive support. When I meet a talent in this organization I know they have been exposed to learning from the right industry people.”


Casting Director

“Wendy and the HWC is a huge asset to the acting community. Her honest and informative insights are a must for any actor looking to navigate the acting industry. Her guidance and instructions create winners and working actors.”


Commercial Casting Director

“Wendy’s Hollywood Winners Circle actors are more professional, prepared and easier to teach the fundamentals of how to be successful in TV Commercials. I wish the Hollywood Winners Circle was around when I started my own career in the 90’s! I strongly recommend Wendy’s Hollywood Winners Circle to actors that are just starting their career and/or re-energizing their career from a hiatus. You are sure to get on the fast track to booking success!”

– Mike Pointer

MASTER Commercial Acting Coach, “Hey, I Saw Your Commercial!”

“Booked a commercial and will be shooting next week!! I’ve long desired to act, and was privileged to do community theater in high school, but between being fearful & wanting to be ‘practical,’ I ended up pursuing other jobs. Long story short, 2020 sobered me up and helped me to realize that life is too short not to strive for what you truly want and give it all you got at least one good time! In the past year I’ve taken classes on improv, commercial acting, auditioning, and on camera acting. I did some background acting jobs to get a feel of set life (and loved it!). Then I went on to doing my first commercial and a short film, and gearing up to do a second short film. I desire to be a working actor, and I believe HWC helps me to learn how to package myself to be more marketable and stand out as a professional. I am really happy and thankful to be here!

– Sasha Anglin

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“Booked a national commercial”

– Graig William

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“I signed with an agent, commercial and theatrical, for CA within 8 months of moving out to LA.”

– David J. Lee

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“Win – booked a great commercial!”

– Paula Fairbrother

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“I am so very grateful to have booked and filmed a national insurance commercial. I cannot adequately express my gratitude!”

– Andréa Garnett

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“I’m officially SAG-E! A UPS SAG commercial I was a principal in has been upgraded to broadcast. That makes 2 commercials for me! I [also] booked two commercials this weekend!!”

– Anna Gage

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“Within the past month I’ve booked 2 commercials and I was excited about a callback yesterday for a 3rd commercial… Then I just booked that, and my 4th commercial!”

– Greg Lismon Jr.

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“I signed with a commercial agent on Monday and am on avail for two commercials!!!”

– Jade Bryant

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“My national commercial is gracing the television!”

– Shalimar Malimban

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“Booked and filmed #4 commercial today.”

– Lacasa Godboldo

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“Shot a commercial today!”

– Debbie Wright

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“Booked a commercial!”

– Marixa Gomez

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“On Monday, I filmed a commercial.”

– Ewa Ladkowska

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“Booked another national commercial!”

– Erin Sunisa

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“Booked an industrial commercial through my agent, straight offer- no audition required.”

– Monica Perez

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“Booked a commercial”

– Ramsey Mallory

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“Booked a commercial for next week!”

– Rylee Jensen

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“Booked a principal role on a lottery Commercial & booked a major snack brand SAG commercial.”

– William Jefferson Jr.

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“Booked a commercial this weekend.”

– Michael Wilson

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“Booked [a] commercial with real-life partner. Released yesterday on my birthday!”

– Sally Cheng

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“I signed with an agent and booked a commercial!!”

– Steve Delgado

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“Signed with an agent commercial and VO!”

– Stuart Ford

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“Booked a VO for a huge Healthcare agency today and currently have two commercials running simultaneously!”

– Graciela Patiño

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“I booked a principal performer role in a national commercial! I’m a full ACTRA member now!”

– Jessica Perl

HWC Academy Student & Actor

“I booked my last non- union commercial and then I joined SAG-AFTRA the next day!!!”

– Robyn Sacks Babina

HWC Academy Student & Actor

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